Tricky Letters

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A simple app where you receive surprise letters filled with tiny wisdom, meaningful quotes, and inspirational art every day. The only catch? You don’t know when the next letter will come. The Mailbox will keep you company while you wait. Just don’t upset him!



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Release Date: September 17th, 2013


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Story Behind App

We made our first app as part of a big company. In April 2013 we raised angel funds and started work as an independent studio. We made a commitment to launch 3 apps in 6 months. So we had to come up with simple ideas for apps that could be implemented fast.

The idea for Tricky Letters was born from a brainstorming session to answer the question “What common things around us can be turned into a game?”. We came up with several hypotheses: people love to wait for letters, people love surprises, and people love games that don’t take up a lot of time. A simple prototype that 15 of our friends played with for a week confirmed these points. So we started production. It took us 1.5 months to create the release version of Tricky Letters.

Our app design uses flat design aesthetics. Actually, flat 3D — our own take on this design movement. We did all the work ourselves: design, modeling, animations, graphics, development, sound design, and copy-writing. The Mailbox acquired a personality during the production period and became the fourth member of our team. We consider him a self-contained, super-intelligent creature who has existed since the creation of the universe and even longer. He has hundreds of phrases to entertain people with while they wait for letters.

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